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Redirect is a technique that sends a user from one webpage to another. A website may redirect you because the webpage you have requested is not accessible after being moved for good to an alternate location. Redirect Checker is an effective URL redirect tracker that helps visitors to track the path of a diverted webpage. A webpage may have poor SEO rankings if a search engine is unable to follow its redirects. Moreover, if a redirect is configured incorrectly, you may end up losing significant traffic from your site. Fortunately, search engines such as Redirect Checker can help connect with the diverted URLs. This tool helps you establish if a redirect is accurate and whether it is easy to use. 

How does Redirect Checker Work?
It is imperative to check a webpage’s redirects to ascertain that they are correctly configured. Ensuring that your webpage’s redirects are configured correctly ensures that you will not lose your real and targeted traffic. The correct configuration of redirects is a vital part of SEO campaign that you need to treat candidly. The online world comprises of many marketers and SEO experts, most of whom rely on Redirect Checker to improve the stats of their SEO campaigns. 

Redirect Checker receives commendable reverence from SEO experts and online marketers because it efficiently helps websites owners to achieve desired outcomes. This tool provides website owners with the best outcomes by providing them with the best SEO tools at no cost.

Any website owner should ensure that his or her redirects are accurate because redirects are one of the best SEO techniques. Website owners use different types of redirects according to their circumstances. The web developer may redirect files or folders from one webpage to another, redirect the canonical hostnames, or use 301 redirects. Using these techniques, you can increase your domain’s search engines rankings while still abiding by the guidelines put across by Google. Redirect Checker is mostly used as a free 301 divert checker. 

The kinds of HTTP diverts
Now that you have a clear understanding of what redirecting entails, we can now walk you through the different types of HTTP diverts. These include:
300 multiple choices
This divert alludes to the number of alternatives for the asset that the customer may bring to mind. For instance, word sense clarification or unique arrangement choices for video could be exhibited or recorded with various expansions.

301 moved permanently
When this HTTP divert is used, all the future information pertinent to a particular webpage will be diverted to a given URL.

302 found (HTTP 1.1)/moved temporarily (HTTP 1.0)
You are aware that the internet continues uninterrupted on HTTP accord thus controlling how different URLs work. It has two key adaptations: 1.0 303 implies that a URL has been “Moved Temporarily” while variant 1.1 is alluded to “Establish”.

307 Moved Temporarily (HTTP 1.1 only)
When this HTTP divert occurs, it is to be rehashed with another URL. This means that any future demand will be dwelling on the first URL. 

Meta Refresh
This is yet another HTTP divert. Meta Refresh is a bit different because it is carried out on the page level instead of the server level. This divert, however, is not an ideal strategy in Search Engine Optimization because it is abate. You may have come across this divert on domains that often state, “if you are not diverted in five seconds, click here.”

The aforementioned are the common sorts of HTTP diverts that you may find. 

How Can Www Redirect Checker Help You?
You can rely on Redirect Checker to find the specific path of a related connection and the associated partner arrange. You could also use it to determine if the bit.ly joins or URL shorteners are diverting to a desirable webpage. 

Website owners can also rely on this effective search engine tool to assess the status of their particular bypaths to ensure that they are in satisfactory conditions. Divert Checker can also be used to determine if the diverted URL is correctly diverted to the intended page. This tool is an effective way of identifying the number of bypaths being used by particular domains. In addition, you can use Redirect Tracker to ensure that the URL diverts are arranged in the redirection path per se. This tool will ensure that you do not lose any real or targeted traffic from your website.

How to Use Redirect Checker
Using this tool to check for 301 diverts is not a hard task. It involves easy and quick steps. All you have to do is type inside the content box the URL you intend to check. After typing in, just click on “Check”. The results of the search will be displayed in a matter of seconds, indicating the accurate outlines of your URL as well as the redirected URL. 

If you are looking for an effective tool to check your website’s diverts, you can rely on Redirect Checker. This apparatus will undoubtedly help you to search for all your URL diverts. This tool is designed to help anyone and everybody. Intriguingly, you do not have to go through a series of complicated steps because the tool is easy to understand and it delivers accurate results in a short time. 

Why Choose Redirect Checker?
Since Redirect Checker’s inception, many web developers and online entrepreneurs have become accustomed to using it for their SEO campaigns. The tool’s developers have incorporated the best search engine tools and a user-friendly interface that lets you work through your search seamlessly. This is the ultimate tool that will see you get higher search engine rankings. This is because using Redirect Checker, you can determine if your redirects are accurate. You will also determine the URLs that your page redirects to. After you have submitted your URL, you can also determine if your webpage’s redirection is okay or not. If not, you can make the necessary adjustments that will see you get higher rankings. 

Benefits of Using Www Redirect Checker
It’s about time you realized the full potential of this apparatus. After all, redirecting is one of the most effective online marketing tools. If you have high rankings on search engines, there is more likelihood that your real and targeted clients will visit your webpage more often. You can use Redirect Checker to assess the status of your redirections and evaluate whether they are accurately configured. That said, it is best you know that there are numerous benefits associated with utilizing this tool. Some of the benefits include:

• Gaining information on current prospects
In an online marketplace, the more information you have on your prospects, the higher the chances of customizing your conversations and capturing your target market. Redirects are a good way to achieve this because they offer significant insight. The internet comes with marketing automation, meaning that for every click that your targeted client makes, a record of his or her activity is added to his or her profile. This will enable your team to identify the topics that the client is interested in, which helps them design appropriate marketing strategies. 

• Maximizing your messaging and distribution
Redirected URLs not only help your marketing team obtain information on your prospects but also are effective in helping them determine the messaging that works best. You can use redirects to check which wording is perceived positively by your clients. You could also determine which form of communication is more effective; is it visual banners or plain texts? Identifying this information is crucial because it will show you where more traffic lies. You can also identify patterns that show what your audience is interested in. From the information obtained, you can tune your messaging and distribution to fit with the interests of your audience. 

• Accountability for lead generation
Besides tracking the activities of your current leads, redirects are also a good way to help you bring in new leads into your website. You are also able to account for the source of each current and new lead. When you publish something in your webpage and add a redirecting URL, you are able to identify the source from which your lead came in. When you hold accountability for your lead generation, you will be able to determine which marketing efforts are bringing in more leads, and how these leads contribute to your overall revenue. 

• Tracking internal interactions
Redirect Tracker can also help you optimize your website’s full potential by ensuring that your redirects are well configured. Redirects could help improve internal communication. Every business owner is well aware that good internal communication is a major cog in the sales and marketing wheel. It helps contribute to overall business success. Using redirected URLs, you will be able to establish at what intervals the resources you have are being used. If you establish that your redirected URLs are not getting as much traffic as you would like, you can talk to your team members to come up with a better strategy. 

SEO Best Practices
While one might argue that redirecting one webpage to another is a common practice, you have to do it appropriately in order to reap its full benefits. Redirect Checker comes in to help you determine if the other URL is configured correctly. An accurately configured redirect will maintain or improve your SEO rankings. Therefore, it is imperative to implement the best strategies. 

As mentioned above, there are a couple of HTTP redirects, but the one that is mostly used for SEO is the 301 redirect. This redirect means that a webpage has moved permanently – in both search engines bots and browsers. A search engine will construe that the webpage has not only moved but it will now be found in the new webpage.

When you are moving content from one URL to another, you need to know that any search engine will take a significant amount of time to find the 301 redirect, identify it, and acclaim the new URL with the SEO rankings and status of its antecedent. It is also imperative to note that this process may take longer if the new page does not resolve properly or if search engine spiders visit the provided URL at infrequent intervals.

Other HTTP redirects such as 302, 307, and Meta refresh are not as effective as the 301 redirect for a couple of reasons. However, the main reason why they are considered poor substitutes is that they will not get rankings or search engine values as effectively as a 301 redirect does. You, however, could consider them if you do not want to pass the contents of the predecessor webpage to the new one. 

It is imperative to know that transferring link juice is more brutal when a whole site adjusts its domain. The process takes more time because of suspicion by the search engines as well as attacks from scammers. As a result, the 301 redirect between domains will need more time to be counted fully and accurately. 

Regular expressions (Regexes) 
A regular expression is a string that matches a set of strings in accordance with particular syntax rules. Regexes are commonly used by text editors and utilities to manipulate and search various bodies of text by following specific patterns. You must ensure that your website’s system administrator has this skill. Understanding its basics will enable the administrator to redirect a URL appropriately. 

Some of the operators and characters used in Regexes include:
• . Period – matches anything
• + Plus – matches one or more of the antecedent character
• * Asterisk – matches zero or more of the antecedent character
• () Parentheses – it is also known as a back-reference. It’s used to store what had been matched in a variable for later use.