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About What is my Browser

The "What is My Browser" tool is one of the most useful tools that we offer on our website, and we do offer quite a few tools. It may sound like a very simple and perhaps even obvious question to ask. However, you may be surprised how often people aren't entirely sure what browser they're using, especially if they are on a public computer or on a mobile device. There are many instances in which someone is browsing the internet on a mobile device using the browser that is automatically opened by their phone. They might not know exact web browser this is, so they may want to check and see which websites and software programs might work with this browser. Of course, many public computers will automatically be open to a webpage and it can be hard to determine what browser they are using. Many users access this tool on public computers to ensure that their favorite browser is the one operating. There are many more benefits of this tool. To learn more about the benefits of the browser detection tool, read on. 

An Overview of the "What is My Browser" Tool

Obviously, the what is my browser tool will let you know which browser you're using. This is fairly self-explanatory. However, the tool is more powerful and has more functionality than that. It will also tell you what version of the browser you're using, what OS you're using, and even what user agent you are using. This is more information than many of the similar tools available on other sites will give you. Also, it is all displayed instantly in an easy-to-read format. Some other tools make it difficult to read or difficult to access all the information, if they even have as much information as our tool. However, our philosphy when designing this was that we wanted it to be as ergonomic and as easy to use as possible. We believe this design philosophy comes through on our web page.

Benefits: Ensuring Software Functionality

One of the biggest benefits of this tool is the ability to ensure software functionality. A wide variety of different software is specific to different browsers. If you are trying to use software you usually use on a regular basis but it is not working, it may be a good idea to check out this tool. Not only is it important to see which browser you are using in the first place, but it's also absolutely vital that you check which version of the browser you're using. Many browsers, especially Firefox, will update continuously. It can be easy to miss an update if you do not have the automatic update option enabled for your browser. Many people do not like to enable this option because they don't want to it move to a version of the browser they dislike. However, this could mean that certain software will not actually function as intended. This is especially true if you missed quite a few updates and have a relatively old version of your browser. Of course, sometimes you can be using the wrong type of browser entirely and not have noticed. This could certainly be the source of the problem if browser-based software is not working.

Benefits: Checking to Make Sure That You Have the Newest Updates

Believe it or not, the majority of people who use this tool do actually know which browser they're using. However, they may not be sure that they have the most up-to-date version of this browser. Many of the most popular browsers in this day and age update on a very quick schedule. It can be easy to fall behind, or to even have the newest version but not be sure. Checking out this tool is the easiest way to see which version of the browser you are using. You can usually find your browser version by going into the settings page of the browser and looking around, but this may be confusing and time-consuming. Our tool will instantly display the version of the browser in an easy-to-read format. It will also display the full update version of the browser instead of a shortened designation. This can be helpful, especially if you are trying to use various software that requires the absolute newest version of your browser. This feature can also be quite useful when you were trying to diagnose problems with the browser itself.

Benefits: Checking to Ensure That Your OS is Responding Properly

As previously mentioned, this tool also displays the OS that you are using. One thing that people commonly use our tool for is to ensure that their browser is responding properly. If they have just switched between Windows and Linux, for example, they may want to use our tool to ensure that it reads the correct browser type and that the change was actually processed properly by the computer. Many people who have updated to a newer version of Windows also like to check and make sure that their browser is responding properly using this tool. However, the most common usage of our tool for troubleshooting as far as browser response goes is changes to and from Linux. Many people have become disillusioned with Windows and are looking for another option. Linux is free and open source, which are features that many people are looking for in their browser. However, Linux can have some more of a learning curve for people that are not web developers or programmers. Any tool that simplifies the OS transition can be a godsend. This browser detection tool is one such tool that is commonly used for this purpose.

Benefits: Easier to Try Out Different Browser/OS Combinations

Some people, especially very heavy internet users, are trying out different browser and OS combinations. If you are trying many different browsers and also trying different OSs such as Linux, Windows, and the Mac OS, it can be difficult to keep track of exactly which combination you are trying out. Having one tab open with this tool will make it very easy for you to keep track of the combination you're using at any given time. This will make the process of troubleshooting and finding the best combination that much easier. This doesn't necessarily mean that the process will be easy. You still have to find the combination you prefer yourself. However, it will be easier to stay organized, and lack of organization can be a real killer in such a complex process. When working with various different computer programs, especially complex programs, simplicity, ergonomics, and ease of use are always key. This is true no matter what problem you're tackling. Our philosophy behind creating this tool was simplicity and ease-of-use. As experienced web developers, we understand that is often easy to overlook the importance of simplicity and ergonomics. This is our philosophy behind the services we offer, so we also wanted to be the philosophy behind this tool.

The "Your Browser" Field

The first field that you'll see when you open up this tool is the your browser field. This is fairly self-explanatory. This field is designed to let you know instantly which browser you are using. If you are only looking to try and find out which browser you are accessing the web page with, you do not need to keep scanning down the page. You may see some information that you do not understand if you do this, so feel free to just glance at the your browser field, get the information you need to know about which browser you're using, and move on. We know that many people who are using this tool are just looking to figure out which browser are they are currently operating. Some similar web pages will bury this information way down the page so you have to scroll past dozens of ads to get there. We believe in treating visitors to our website better than this, so we make the information the first thing you will see you upon opening the page.

The "Browser Version" Field

The browser version field is probably the second most sought-after piece of information for people who are using our tool. This is why we placed it second in the list of information that the tool presents. This field will display the full designation for the version of the browser that you were using. Some similar tools will only display a shortened version of the designation. However, this does not work for some software programs if you are trying to check and make sure that you have exactly the right version of your browser. You can also check the version of your browser by going into the settings, but on some popular browsers this is quite confusing and time-consuming. This tool displays the browser version instantly in an easy-to-read format.

The "OS" Field

This field will display the operating system that your computer is currently using. The vast majority of similar tools will not also display the OS in addition to the standard browser information. This added information and usability sets this tool apart from many others available on the internet. As previously mentioned, it can be useful to check in the tool that your OS is responding the way it should. If it is, then the correct OS information will be displayed in this field. If it is not, you know you may have a serious problem with your computer's operations. Many of the people who use this tool do not need the OS information, but it is provided because it can be a benefit to the small percentage of visitors who can actually benefit from this information.

The "User Agent" Field

Another feature that sets our offering apart from many of the competitors on the internet is the user agent information that it offers. This piece of information is fairly technical, and many people may not know exactly what it means. Don't worry if you don't know what the user agent information means. This is especially for people working in IT who need to troubleshoot problems with the browser. Those working IT, especially people working in IT for large companies that have systematic browser problems, may find the user agent information about the browser operations invaluable. Our tool can easily detect the information, so it makes sense to display it when it can help people greatly, even if most people may not necessarily need it.

People Who Might Benefit From This Tool

Internet users of all types can benefit from this tool in a variety of different ways. Most of the people who use this tool are simply browsing the internet and need some information about their browser and OS operations. However, many people in the customer service and IT fields have found this tool to be highly beneficial. These people are under a lot of pressure to solve various different problems quickly. Many of the problems that users have are due to browser or OS issues. IT people working at an office may be under great pressure from their superiors to solve a problem quickly. This is especially true if it is an issue that affects everybody in the office. Customer service professionals working in the computer help field, however, could benefit even more from this tool. Many times, they are on the phone or in an active chat with people who expect them to solve their problems quickly. This tool can give them the information they need to solve various problems instantly.
Thus, this tool is great for both professionals and regular internet users.