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About Website Screenshot Generator

Our screenshot generator may just be the most useful that we offer through our site. We offer a wide selection of powerful and ergonomic tools, so this is really saying something. However, there are so many different people who need screenshot generators for so many different application. Many screenshot generators are quite difficult to use. Some of the people using screenshot generators are computer professionals who will easily be able to navigate a complicated user interface. However, many are people who may not necessarily be computer experts, but who still need to get an image of various web pages. 

We have designed our screenshot generator for maximum simplicity with the widest possible audience in mind. Not only is our screenshot generator very easy to use, it is quite powerful. It can generate a high-resolution screenshot in just seconds. There is a preview of the screenshot of available immediately, and a JPEG of the screenshot can be downloaded quickly and easily. Your screenshot originally displays as a preview for quicker loading times. Displaying a screenshot in its full resolution right away would cause very slow loading time. Also, the ability to download a screenshot as a JPEG allows for the user to view the screenshot in a photo viewing software designed for just this purpose. Keep in mind that the JPEG is of high quality, but it's still quick to download. To learn more about the details of our website screenshot generator, read on.

The People Who Can Benefit From a Screenshot Generator

A surprisingly wide range of people with a varied set of tasks can benefit from a screenshot generator. People who are planning on making changes to their website and who want to know exactly what the old page looks like would be well-served by using this powerful yet simple generator. This generator is also good for people who want to make a record of information on the internet that may be quickly removed. For example, many journalists use tools like this to capture sensitive information in a legal manner. Of course, you do not need to be an investigative journalist to use this tool. Of course, many people simply use this tool to capture an image of a web page they like that they found when browsing the internet. The simplicity of this tool is for all of these different users. If you don't see your situation described in this paragraph, don't worry about it. There are literally an infinite number of different ways that you can use the screenshot generator tool to suit your needs.

One Benefit That Sets This Screenshot Generator Apart: Simplicity

When talking about different computer programs, simplicity is often the key feature. At least, this is the case for the most effective and popular computer programs. This website screenshot generator is no exception. We noticed that many different screenshot generators that are available on the internet to make it unnecessarily complicated. Taking a screenshot of a web page is a fairly simple task, so there's no reason it should be complicated for the user to operate such a tool. 

This line of thinking was important to our design philosophy when we created the tool. We wanted it to be very easy for everybody to use, even people who are not computer experts or even intermediate computer users. Not only is it easy to take the screenshot, it is easy to check out the thumbnail of the screenshot and to download the screenshot itself. Some similar tools will require your email, but we think that this is not the right way to treat our visitors so we allow you to download the screenshot with one quick and easy click of the button. It automatically downloads as a JPEG, and can be open with any popular photo viewing or editing tool.

The Second Advantage of This Screenshot Generator: Speed

One thing that really sets our screenshot generator apart is the speed of the tool. There are other screenshot generators available on the internet that are fairly simple and easy to use. However, there are very few that are are as fast as our tool. Not only does this set this particular screenshot generator apart, this generator combines simplicity and speed. 

The best way to do this is to use sufficiently powerful software to take the screenshot, and also to find a resolution that allows all the relevant detail to be displayed while not being so large that it takes forever to load. This is why we display a thumbnail of the screenshot immediately upon capture an image. This allows you to check out the thumbnail and make sure the image is rendered properly. Once you have done this, you can click the save button to save the full screenshot as a JPEG. Even at this point, the loading times will be quite short. The JPEG is of high quality but does not have pointlessly high resolution that would slow down loading times. Such high resolution is often pointless, as it does not render any detail that cannot be shown by lower resolutions.

Another Unique Spec of This Screenshot Generator: JPEG Files

Another advantage that this screenshot generator has over many similar programs is that it saves the screenshots in the easier to use and efficient JPEG file format. This is the most common image format, so it stands to reason that all or at least most screenshot generator is available on the internet would automatically save pages in this file format. However, this is not necessarily the case. Many use the PDF format, which is more limited in the terms of programs that can open it and edit it. It is especially hard if you do have the right software. 

Tips On Using the URL Field of This Tool

While it may seem very self-explanatory to use the URL field of the tool, it's not quite so simple for some. However, there are a couple of tips you should keep in mind to ensure that you get the optimal functionality out of this tool. These tips will help you save time and get the most accurate screenshots for whatever task you need them to complete. It is very important that you copy and paste the exact URL of the page that you want to screenshot into the URL bar. Simply putting in the homepage of the site will not work, unless you want to get a screenshot of just the homepage of the site. 

For this reason, it is very important that you copy and paste the URL instead of just trying to type it in manually. One slight typo could throw off the whole process, and may be very hard for you to detect. Copy and pasting the URL is simple enough on a computer. It made be a little tricky when you're on a mobile phone, but the increased accuracy in the use of use of this tool will be worth it. It is also important to keep in mind that newer mobile phones make it quite easy to copy and paste, while it may have been slightly difficult on older phones.

Why the Image Verification Field In This Tool is Necessary

Some people may look at the image verification future of this tool as an unnecessary annoyance at first. This is actually the attitude that many people have towards image verification tools in general. They can be a pain, especially when it is hard to get the text in the image right due to it being difficult to read. However, an image verification feature is absolutely necessary for this tool. Really, it is necessary for any program that automatically loads web pages. 

Otherwise, nefarious people could use this tool to overload and crash websites. We only want people like you to use this tool for their own personal benefit, rather than for illegal reasons. This is why the image verification field is a necessary part of the tool. Also, it gives you another chance to check and make sure that the URL you put in the box is correct before you submit it and the tool takes the screenshot. 

Inspecting the Screenshot Itself

As previously mentioned, the screenshot is initially displayed in a thumbnail format. This is to ensure quick loading speeds. However, the thumbnail is larger than the average thumbnail and will allow you to inspect the screenshot to ensure it has come out properly. Even if you are on a mobile screen or a small desktop monitor screen, it should be quite easy to get a good look at. Sometimes web pages will have strange bugs so they will not display properly. Of course, this actually could be why you're using a screenshot generator tool. Many people do use it to diagnose problems that their website is having. An inspection of the thumbnail that is generated will let you know whether or not the webpage experienced a bug. It is important to note that the tool takes your screenshot based on the browser and screen that you are using. If you were surprised at the experience of the screenshot, it may be due to a problem with your browser or due to the settings of your screen. Many mobile users especially like using our generator tool because it is easy for you to zoom in on a mobile screen and see all the details you need to ensure that the screenshot is displayed properly.

Downloading the Screenshot

Once you've made sure the screenshot shows the right web page in the way you want it to be pictured, it is time to download the screenshot. This screenshot generator makes this task very easy. All you have to do is click save image. It automatically and very quickly downloads as a JPEG. Which folder it downloads to depends on the browser you are using and on your computer settings. Usually, it will go to a downloads folder if you are using a Windows computer that runs Windows 8 or later. If you are using a Mac computer it may go to a different location. The JPEGs name is based on the URL that you put into the URL field in the previous step. This is yet another feature that sets the screenshot generator apart from any of the other screenshot generators that are available for use on the internet. Screenshot generators will instead automatically go to a file and alphanumeric designation that can be very hard to remember and hard-to-find amongst your various different downloads. Just naming the JPEG the name of the URL that you put in makes it easy for you to find.

It is also worth noting that the file format that we use is JPEG because it is easier to edit, quicker to download, and has a smaller file size than other options such as PNG or PDF files. PDF files in particular can be very difficult to edit unless you pay for the proper software. Nearly any photo editor can handle JPEG photos, and there are many powerful free photo editors that you can use to edit screenshots. Many people use these editors to make various notes about the website on the screenshot of the web page, particularly if there are any developers that would like to make some changes to the screenshots of the webpage. If you would like to convert your screenshot from the JPEG file format to another file format, you should be able to do this by saving it as a different file format with any photo editor. However, this is not necessary for the majority of our users.