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About Server Status Checker

Welcome to the webpage of the Server Status Checker tool at! The SEO Services Server Status Checker tool is an excellent addition to the toolbox of any website owner, web designer, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professional. Continue reading below to find out more about what the Server Status Checker is, how it works, and why it’s such a useful tool for website professionals to use.

What is the SEO Services Server Status Checker

The Server Status Checker tool is a convenient tool that allows you to check the servers of websites to find out whether they are working properly. Ideally, a website’s server should have a status of up or online and the server should have a rapid response time. Sometimes, however, there may be a problem with the server. Server problems can prevent people from being able to access the site, losing you traffic, publicity, and in the case of some business websites even sales. Use this tool to quickly discover whether your website is working properly. 

This tool allows you to check on each website you manage to find out the server status and response time for your site. If everything is okay, your website’s status will be “online”. The tool will also provide the response time for your site so you can see whether it is within a good range or if it is too slow. Knowing the server response time helps you understand the full picture of how a user’s experience will be when using your website and whether they will be facing any annoying lags as pages load. If the Server Status Checker tool returns a long response time for your site, even if the page status is online you will have that information and can look into what might be causing the delay.

If something is wrong with your site’s server and the page doesn’t respond to the tool’s ping, the tool will notify you about that. The server would be listed in the results as offline. The Server Status Checker will also tell you the HTTP error code that describes the problem, if applicable. This makes the Server Status Checker very useful because not only does it notify you that there is a problem but it also describes what sort of problem is happening to prevent access to your web pages.

How to use the Server Status Checker tool

Using the Server Status Checker tool is a simple and efficient process. First, you need to enter the URLs of all of the web pages you want to check. The SEO Services Server Status Checker can check the server status for up to one hundred web pages at once. You don’t need to separate them with commas or anything like that; simply put each URL on a separate line so the tool knows how to parse the input text. All you need to do is type the URL of one page you want to check, press enter, and move on to typing the next URL. You can also copy and paste into the Server Status Checker tool from a spreadsheet or any other list of URLs as long as each entry is on its own line. In this way you can quickly and efficiently check the server status of many websites at once.

After you input your URL or list of URLs, the next step is image verification. You just need to type in the captcha you see in the Image Verification box. If you cannot read the first captcha image, the Server Status Checker tool provides a convenient refresh button so you can get a new one. After you have successfully entered the Image Verification text, press the blue submit button that is right below the Image Verification box. Your server check will now be executed. That’s all you need to do in order to use this intuitive tool! 

The Server Status Checker does all the rest of the work for you. It pings the servers of all of your entered URLs and returns the results quickly, even if you are checking a long list of websites. The results are displayed in a simple and easy to read table that shows the URL, response time, server status, and any error code if applicable for each website you checked. The results of the Server Status Check are displayed right in the same window – you don’t have to worry about enabling popups and you won’t need to follow a link to another page to view your results.

Why you should use the SEO Services Server Status Checker

The Server Status Checker tool from SEO services is the best tool available if you want to stay informed about the status of all of your sites’ servers. Every business owner, website developer, webmaster, and SEO professional will want to have a way of monitoring their sites. This tool provides the most efficient way to do that easily. While there are many tools out there for web professionals to periodically check the status of their sites, it’s clear why you should choose this one. 

The SEO Services Server Status Checker tool is: 

  • User-friendly and intuitively designed for ease of use 
  • Able to check up to a hundred websites at once – much more than other similar tools which might only handle a maximum of five or ten in the same search – so you can get results for all of your websites quickly 
  • Easy to understand when it displays results 
  • Detailed – it will tell you more than just whether your site’s server is up or down. This tool lets you know the server’s response time too, and if there are any problems with the site’s server the table of results also gives you the error code so you know what to fix 
  • Convenient – you can access it right in your normal web browser, anywhere and anytime you have an internet connection. You don’t need to download any special software or wait for the tool to load. 
  • Free – you get all of the essential, detailed information that this tool provides at no cost. This tool is an excellent deal for any user and delivers the maximum value-added for any business or web professional. 

About server status and website management

Anyone who owns or maintains a website should periodically check the status of the site’s server. You want to maximize your page’s traffic, and in order for users to be able to visit your site the server must be working properly. Otherwise, someone who tries to visit your website could get just an error message or a notification that they are unable to visit your page. The SEO Services Server Status Checker tool helps you make sure your site’s servers are working the way they are supposed to. The Server Status Checker tool quickly goes through the process of checking each requested site. Here’s a quick description of how it works.

The tool takes the URL you gave it, and it checks that against a Domain Name Service register in order to translate the URL from words of a website’s name into the numerical IP address that computers use to find and display websites. Once it knows the IP address, the tool checks to see what server is hosting the page with that address, and sends out a ‘ping’ to try to make contact with the server and tell it to please return your webpage. The Server Status Checker is the ‘client’ in this example, pinging the server and hoping for a response. It takes time for the ping to go from the client, across the internet, to the server and time for the server to process the ping and send a response back to the client. That’s the “response time” the Server Status Checker tool tells you. 

If everything is working well and your website’s server has no issues, the Server Status Checker tool will return a code of 200. This is good, since it means the server is functioning and was able to return a response to the tool’s ping of the requested URL.

If your website’s server is not working properly, the tool will let you know the error code that describes the problem. Some error codes can arise as a result of user error (such as if a URL is entered incorrectly), but that is unlikely to be the case if you are entering website URLs you know should work into the tool to check them. Most error codes the Server Status Checker tool could return would be due to problems with your website’s configuration (such as if you redesigned the site but didn’t update the way URLs point to the appropriate page files) or problems with the server that runs your website. In the case of problems on the server end, it is often necessary to reach out to the web hosting company you use to tell them about the problem and work towards a solution.

Some common error codes you might see include:

  • 301 Moved Permanently – this error code indicates that the URL is outdated and the content that was once there has moved to a new address 
  • 400 Bad Request – this error code means that the server couldn’t understand the URL you entered 
  • 404 Not Found – this common error code lets you know that the server couldn’t find your website at the URL you entered
  • 500 Internal Server Error – this error code identifies a problem within the server itself 

Why checking server status is important for your website

If users have technical difficulties when trying to use a website, it is very off-putting and can damage your website’s reputation with visitors. A business’s website being down or inaccessible can even result in lost profits. People expect to be able to browse the internet quickly. Most users tend to get impatient if they are forced to wait while a slow page loads, and many will abandon a page that doesn’t load within about 3 seconds. The server response time of your website is important in order to make sure it’s fast enough to provide a good browsing experience and retain visitors. 

If a website doesn’t work when users try to visit it, for example if the server is down and gives users an error message instead of their requested website, the bad experience might mean the user doesn’t go back to the site. If your web page is down due to server problems, you will lose the traffic you could have had during that time, and you might permanently lose users who decide not to try again to access your site later.

When you use the SEO Services Server Status Checker, you can quickly identify whether your site is having any problems that will impact users’ browsing experience and you can work quickly with your site administrators and web hosting company to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Because this tool is free, convenient, and quick, you can use it regularly to monitor all of your websites in an efficient manner. This will help you keep your websites in good working order so that web search engines and users can always find your site when they need it. Use the SEO Services Server Status Checker often to make sure your site is always accessible.