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About Page Speed Checker

At its essence, a page speed checker tests your website's URLs to ensure that your website is fast and ready to handle bursts of traffic. This checker will test each URL along with the content contained in the page to determine the speed of which the hosting company is delivering the content to your website's visitors.


Now that Google uses a page's speed as a ranking signal in its algorithm, it is essential for website owners and webmasters to make sure that their websites are operating at optimal speeds. It is estimated that 80 percent of visitors will exit from your website if it is determined to be slow. In order to combat slower speeds, testing your website's page speed with this checker will give you necessary information on where you can improve the function of your website.


This tool will analyze your page speed from top to bottom to generate scores based on the content and images contained in your website. Using our page speed checker tool, you can learn where your website is thriving and failing its visitors. The tool will provide you with suggestions and recommendations to further improve how your website is displayed to visitors.



Benefits of the Page Speed Checker Tool



There are many benefits to using the Page Speed Checker Tool. To ensure that your website is conforming to the best practices with regard to Search Engine Optimization, the checker will scan your website's CSS, links, resources, and images. Given the load times for each resource, you can learn where your website's bottlenecks are so that they may be lessened and/or eradicated.


Loading times are provided for CSS resources without regard for whether or not the CSS file is minified. In addition, image load times are given on an individual basis so that you can figure out what images are larger than they need to be. With this information, you can compress the images served on your website so that they display faster, thus creating shorter load times.



User Experience



How fast does your website load to serve your content to your visitors? When it comes to giving your visitors the best user experience, it is best to have a website with fast loading times. It is estimated that over 80 percent of visitors will leave your page if it doesn't load in under four seconds or less.


There is a definite link between page speed and the end user's experience. If your website is geared toward generating sales or converting visitors to sales, it is essential to give users a fast loading experience.


To use the page speed checker tool, simply enter in your website's URL along with the image verification and hit the submit button. The tool will then analyze your website for CSS links, script links, image links, and other resources.


The 'time taken' field is a total of your website's page speed as a whole. Below the totals of each resource you will find in-depth information on each and their specific loading times. Utilizing this important information, you can optimize your website accordingly so that you deliver a positive and fast user experience for your visitors.


The page speed checker allows you to have an inside look at important metrics so that optimization of your website is easier. Each element that makes up your website is analyzed so that you know where its performance bottlenecks are located. Once armed with this information, you can successfully remedy problem areas within your website so that it is optimized to deliver a pleasant experience for your visitors.


Running this free page speed checker tool will give you the data that you need to optimize your website. When you discover what is slowing your website down, you can make the changes to your website so that you can deliver a faster end user experience.


Everyone knows that slower websites are annoying and a hassle. Visitors will leave your website if it's slow and you won't get conversions. Web pages that take too long to load will lose over half of their visitors. Optimized websites that deliver a fast page load will guarantee that visitors will remain on your page longer. When visitors stay on your web page longer, there is a better chance that they will convert from visitor to customer.


If you don't yet know how fast your website loads, you are missing out on important information.'s free page speed checker will give you this crucial information so that you have an in-depth analysis of your page's loading time. This tool is free and there is no limit to how many times you can use it.



Page Speed Comparison



If you are in a competitive niche, you will want to check on the performance of your competitors' websites. With this page speed checker tool, open a new tab in your browser and put in the URLs of your competitors. Utilizing this will allow you the knowledge of what your competitors are doing right – and wrong.


Learning how fast your website loads in comparison to others will give you an added edge when it comes to ranking higher in search engine results.'s page speed checker tool enables users to test their websites to see where performance issues lie. Once the test is run, you can see a list that breaks down every element of your website. If you think your website is performing at a less than optimal rate, then you owe it to yourself and your business to see where your website's problems are.


Anyone who works in the field of internet marketing will tell you of the importance of having a fast loading website. You can use the information provided in the report given to enhance your website's performance and speed. Slow websites cause visitors to leave quickly, resulting in a higher bounce rate. To prevent that, you want smaller images, CSS, and JavaScript resources that don't put an unnecessary burden on your server.



Easy To Use Page Speed Checker



Using our free page speed checker, there is nothing to install. It is simple to use and within seconds, you can test any URL that you want. You don't want to have a website that delivers a slow experience for your visitors. Many people will go to your website with the purpose of reading what you have to say or to make a purchase. However, if your web page is slow, they will quickly move on to your competitor's website.



No Limits On Page Speed Checking



When you use our free tool, there are no limits placed on how many times you can use it and how many URLs you can test. Even if you have a lot of competitors that you want to check – you can use our page speed checker tool for every one of them. Find out how to improve your web page over the pages of your competitors so that the major search engines will send more traffic to your website.



How The Page Speed Checker Works



Our page speed checker tool works quite simply to give you the necessary information to optimize your website. It analyzes your website from top to bottom to let you know where any performance issues exist. It looks at every piece of content on your website to give you the loading time of each resource so that your website's visitors will not be slowed down in their browsing or purchasing experience.



How To Use's Page Speed Checker Tool



Using our page speed checker tool is quite easy. You simply enter in the URL that you wish to check for the loading time along with the text from the image verification and hit the blue submit button. From there, your website's vital components will be listed along with the loading times for each resource. Your website will no longer have to be bogged down by large image files, CSS files that aren't minified, and JavaScript that blocks rendering of your web page.


The tool will give you important information on what parts of your website are slow and fast. Your results are displayed quickly in an easy to read format so that you can begin working on the improvement of your web page. Using the information provided by our handy speed checker tool, you can eliminate slower images and resources so that your website is faster and more efficient.



Why Use Our Speed Checker Tool?



If you need a tool that is reliable and one that will provide you with results that are precise and fast, you need to use our page speed checker tool. has put together this informative tool so that website and business owners can check into the back ends of their websites to learn where any issues lie. Our accurate tool will let you know where you need to improve your website so that it gives visitors a faster user experience.


This speed checker tool is one of the best tools that is used by webmasters, business owners, and bloggers so that they are able to improve the quality and speed of their websites. In the realm of search engine optimization, this tool is most commonly used by bloggers.


Everyone on the internet in this age is looking for something that they want results on now. People want instant gratification in the websites of which they browse and if they cannot get fast results from your website, they will find a website that delivers an optimal user experience. Website visitors want answers to their questions quickly and look to search engines like Google to direct them to the best place to get answers and make purchases.


If you want to get your website to the top of the search engine rankings, then you need to analyze it fully to see if there are improvements to be made. Search engines don't happen to list websites at the top of the rankings out of kindness. It takes a lot of hard work and determination for you to have a website that meets and exceeds their expectations.


Starting with our easy to use, free tool will give you the inside information on what is making your website slow or fast. Using the information given from the tool, you can compare your website to your competitors and make the needed improvements.


If visitors land on your website and the resources don't fully render, they will leave your website. In fact, they will leave and never return if your website is not fast and optimized well.


Handling any issues with your website's speed is an easy thing to accomplish when using our free page speed checker tool. If you receive the results to your website's test and you are not satisfied with them, you are able to take the necessary steps to fix your website's issues. Making changes to your website will include the compression of images and the potential asynchronous loading of certain resources in order to speed up your website.


Using our page speed checker tool will give you important data on your website. Once you know what is slowing your website down you can optimize it to deliver the best experience for people visiting your website. Search Engine Optimization specialists are already aware that a faster website experience will have visitors coming back to your website. Now, you can handle any issues so that your website is at the top of the search engine rankings.