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About Link Price Calculator

If you have a website or blog and need to know what you should be charging for links, this is the best tool for you. Our Link Price Calculator tool will analyze the URL you put into our system and determine the price that you should be charging or paying for a link on the selected website.


The Link Price Calculator utilizes a specialized algorithm that learns the website's ranking combined with its age and backlinks to give you a cost per link. Learning this valuable information now will save you headaches later.


About The Link Price Calculator


The Link Price Calculator will determine the cost of a text link ad that you should be paying monthly for a specific website. This tool will provide you with important information on the cost of purchasing or selling links on any given website. It takes into account the given website's complete search engine optimization factors that include its backlinks, PageRank, domain age, number of inbound links, and more.


Why You Need Our Link Price Calculator


Our Link Price Calculator will let you know exactly how much you should be charging or spending for text links on a website. Links play a vital role in world of internet marketing today. If you do not know the price that you should be charging or paying for links, you will be blindly selling links. Knowing the cost by using our link price calculator will give you the opportunity to learn the cost of a specified link on a monthly basis so that you aren't over or undercharging.


When you use our tool you will have the knowledge of how much to charge for links so that discussions on pricing will go well with potential advertisers. Getting accurate results is important if you own a website and want to purchase links. You do not want to lose out on potential earnings by charging lower prices. When you use our tool specifically, you will get precise results on the cost of the links you can buy or sell.


You will only need our tool under two different circumstances: either you are looking to sell links or buy them. In either matter, you should know what the typical cost of a link is for any website prior to making a buying or selling decision. Our Link Price Calculator is free and is a valuable SEO tool to give you the cost for paid links on any URL you put into the search box. has worked hard to create a complex tool to meet your search engine optimization needs. If you need to know your costs quickly and efficiently, our hyperlink calculator will work for what you need. Prior to approaching you for links or ad space on your website, advertisers already use our tool to determine how much they should pay for a link on your page. When you are armed with the same information, ad negotiations are easier and more effective. You don't have to settle for getting less than your website links are worth when you use our calculator tool.


How To Use Our Link Price Calculator


There are no technical skills required to use our Link Price Calculator tool. To use it is simple, user friendly, and free. Simply enter in the URL of the website of which you would like to check, do the image verification, and click on the submit button.


Our link price calculator will analyze a number of combined factors of the chosen website and give you an accurate cost for a link on that page per month.


Your results will be generated immediately so you won't have to waste any time going back and forth with advertisers. Having this important information is a valuable resource to website owners, bloggers, SEO professionals, internet marketers, and advertisers. When doing the calculations with regard to link prices, the tool bases its figures on your Alexa ranking, backlinks, inbound links, and other factors.


Why Use's Link Price Calculator


You don't have to suffer through any confusion by not learning how much your website's links are worth. If you are looking to purchase paid links, this tool will give you accurate data on what you should be paying to other website owners for their links. Getting an estimate for your links is ultimately the best means of buying and selling links.


This link price calculator tool is an important device for website owners to accurately market their websites. Any mistakes in the calculation of link prices could result in the loss of money or customers when selling links to other people. Our website will correctly determine your link prices for you so that you may concentrate on creating valuable blog content.


Why Purchase Backlinks?


Many websites on the internet use paid links to boost their websites for the purposes of search engine optimization. Buying links offers you the ability to increase your PageRank and help you optimize your website for the major search engines. Many website owners want to be on the first page of Google's search engine results. To achieve these results, website owners and advertisers purchase links on high quality websites.


If you have a lot of backlinks on your website, you can be considered an industry leader in your particular niche. If you create great content that is useful and interesting, your website traffic will increase. If your website gets a good deal of traffic, then it is more likely that you can charge higher prices for links. A high authority website will generate a good income for you as a website owner.


Buying links is an effective method of ramping up your search engine optimization. When you purchase links on authority website, you are paying for the benefits of someone else's popularity. When you sell links, you are essentially selling your own website's popularity in exchange for advertising revenue. Knowing where you should start when it comes to link costs is the first step to making money online with your website.


When Is The Best Time To Use Our Link Price Calculator


When you wish to buy or sell links to advertisers or other website owners, you should use our tool to determine a cost estimate. Mistakes in link price estimates can lead you to lose customers if you are charging too much. In addition, charging too little for your links can cause you to lose money.


You are able to use this tool as many times as you like to determine what you should be charging for various links on your website. You need this link price calculator whenever you want to buy or sell links. Huge profits can be made by selling links on your website but you first must use our tool to learn what you should charge.


Every website owner wants to make money by selling links to other people. This tool will help you estimate your link prices so that you can properly negotiate with other website owners and advertisers. When you establish a quality relationship with other websites, you can then build your website to generate an even better income.


Any time you wish to begin a marketing plan for your website is a good time to consider selling links if your website is popular. If you are beginning a new website and have not yet established any authority, it is also a good time to purchase links from sources that are considered authorities in your specified niche. In either case, it is a good source of revenue for website owners and advertisers alike.


How It Works


Put the website's URL into our Link Price Calculator tool to learn your link price estimate. When you click on the submit button, our expertly coded tool will concentrate on the benefits that your website provides. From there, you will instantly be given a quote for the cost of which you should be selling links. The instant price you are provided will give you a starting off point for negotiations when it comes to your advertising space.


Every website owner wants to get the maximum dollar amount for selling links on their websites. Each and every advertiser on the internet wants to purchase links for the lowest cost possible. If you want to make sure that advertisers aren't taking advantage of you, you should find out now what your website links are worth to avoid any future confusion.


The Importance Of Knowing Link Prices


When you are aware of what you should be charging for links on specific posts, you can start earning money from your website on a regular basis. If your website is especially popular, more advertisers will be keen on paying top dollar for links on your blog posts and sidebars. Input your post link or website URL into our Link Price Calculator so that you can charge what your website is worth.


The downfall of not knowing this important information is that advertisers may try to take advantage of you. If you aren't sure of what to charge for your links, then you may be undercutting your website's value in the realm of advertising. On the other hand, if you are charging too much for links on your website, you are losing a valuable opportunity to make money as advertisers will pass your website by.


Knowing the value that goes along with your website will help you get that price easier when you begin discussions with advertisers. You don't want to guess on a link price because that will backfire on you. Finding out what your link prices should be is an essential part of internet advertising.


Our Link Price Calculator is an effective SEO tool that even advertisers use before beginning discussions on link prices. These professionals will use our tool to determine what they should be paying you for links on your website. Our free SEO tool is available for you to also check your website's link prices so that you will be on the same page with your advertisers. Using this approach, you can start the negotiation process in order to get the best price for your outbound links.


Understanding Your Results


When you put your website's URL into our Link Price Calculator tool, your results are calculated and delivered in a matter of moments. Our complex algorithm factors in your domain's age, Alexa ranking, PageRank, inbound links, and outbound links to determine your link value on any given page. You can earn more profits by using our tool to figure out your link prices.


Your results are displayed instantly so you won't have to guess on what you should be charging. Included in your results is a dollar amount which is the value of the link that you want to sell or purchase. This cost is directly linked to how much you should charge or pay on a monthly basis for the link you've put into our system.


Each website on the internet should have the goal of obtaining traffic, value, and authority. When your website is popular, advertisers will approach you to purchase links on your website. If you know what your costs should be ahead of time, you will have a better bargaining position. Implementing our tool now will avoid any haggling on the part of advertisers so that you can obtain the best value possible for your links.