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There are many reasons why bloggers, coders, and business owners will want to view the source code of a website. If you are on a website that is designed well, you may want to inspect how the design was achieved. Using the source code viewer tool will allow you to have an inside look on the back end of other people's websites.


Within seconds, your website is scanned and the source code is displayed. The source code tool provided by is the best tool to aid you in viewing your source code or the code of any website's URL you want to check. Instead of looking through the source code of websites manually, this tool will fetch the content for you quickly and easily. You can view the source code to any website – all without leaving this website.


What Is The Source Code Of A Website?


Every website has HTML as its foundation to display it for visitors using a browser. The language of HTML was created to allow website designers and coders the ability to define any list of elements that they want to use on their websites. HTML, combined with CSS and JavaScript, make up an average website.


Your website's visitors will typically only see the end result when it is rendered on the website. Each element is pieced together within seconds to deliver each designed element for the benefit of your visitors. While some of these elements take a great deal of time to put together, they can be looked at easily by utilizing our Source Code viewing tool.


With our handy tool, you can have a look at the back end of any website. This will allow you the ability to take apart each design element to see how it was constructed. When you have this information, you can learn about how to recreate any special effects for your website.


Every website that exists on the internet has a source code that works behind the scenes to deliver the user experience. Regular visitors may not know the extent of what goes into building a website that displays beautifully on their browser screens. The source code of websites have a combination of text elements, images, style elements, and JavaScript that all work together to create a great experience.


Why Is A Website's Source Code Important?


A website's source code is important because it tells you exactly how a website was coded from top to bottom. A source code of website viewer will give you the opportunity to look at a website from the standpoint of a search engine optimization specialist. It lets you look at the on-page SEO that has been done on a website that is performing well in the search engine rankings.


You can view the following elements within any website's source code by using the free tool offered by


Title Tag

 – Using our tool, you can determine whether or not your website is utilizing title tags. This is important for quality SEO purposes and can hinder your on-page SEO if title tags are absent on your page. If you do not have title tags in your source code, then Google is not going to give you high rankings in their search results. You can check for title tags typically at the top of your page's source code. Title tags are shown as between < title > TITLE TAG CONTENT < /title > [remove the spaces].


Meta Description

 – A meta description is a paragraph of 160 words or less that describe your website for the benefit of search engines and website visitors. This information will be displayed as a snippet under your website's title within the search engine's results. If you are missing a meta description in your source code, your site will not rank as well as you would like.


No Follow and Do Follow Links

 – Our tool will also show you any no-follow and do-follow links contained within your source code. You can identify no-follow links by looking for "rel="nofollow" inside of your code. No-Follow links do not pass on any ranking from one website to another and let's search engines know that the link should not influence the linked website's rankings. While humans can follow these links, the search engine bots will not. However, links that are labeled as "Do-Follow" will pass on link juice to the search engine bots thus influencing their rankings in the search engine results.


Image Alt Tags 

– When you upload an image to your website it is important to use alt tags to display some text in the event that the image fails to load. You can view this text in your website's source code by looking for <img src="yourimage.png alt="Your Image Description"> or something similar. It is a best practice for SEO to create image alt tags for each image uploaded to your website. If you see images with the following text next to them, you need to go in and add image tags: alt="". Robotic search engines have no real way of reading images, so it is best not to leave them empty.


Google Analytics Installation

 – With every website out there, it is best to use some kind of analyzer of traffic received by your website. Google Analytics is the best tool to use to keep track of your website's traffic, traffic sources, and other metrics that are used all over the internet. In your website's source code, check for "UA" followed by a seven-digit number. If this code is found, you have verified the proper installation of Google Analytics on your website. Be sure to check if the code is installed only once because that can deliver results that are not accurate.


H1 Tags

 – These tags carry some weight with regard to the best SEO practices and therefore should only be used once on each page. Typically the title of a selection is given the H1 tag and there should only be one. Utilizing more than one of these tags is bad for SEO, so it is best to use H2 tags for keywords and so forth. You can view any H1 tags by looking for < h1 > and < / h1 > [minus spaces] within your source code.


Why You Should Check A Website's Source Code


You should check your source code if you want to make sure that all of the elements are flowing properly on your website. You can also view the source code belonging to any other website on the internet. If you wish to see their style elements or on-page search engine optimization, you can simply enter the website's URL into the search box and check it for yourself.


If you are paying someone to handle the search engine optimization of your website, you want to make sure that they are doing a good job. For this reason, you can use this tool and our guide to determine if every effort is being made to represent your website to search engines well. In the age of information, it is essential to know what you are looking for and determine if the best practices are being adhered to.


How To Use This Source Code Viewer


To use our free source code viewer, you need to copy the URL from the page of which has the source code that you'd like to view. Paste it into the search box, do the image verification, and click the submit button.


Results are given right away so that you can begin to dissect what you are doing right and wrong on your website. Make sure that you go through each element so that you are delivering the best possible website for your visitors. Enabling each SEO element on your website will have the search engines sending you more traffic, leading to a better user experience for your visitors and potentially more customers for you.


Go through each piece of HTML to determine if there are any improvements that can be made to the source code. All in all, using the right titles, heading tags, meta descriptions, image alt tags, and other elements in your source code will let Google and the other search engines know that you are serious about providing the optimal experience for their bots and your website's visitors.


Google uses the source code information contained in your website to determine where they should rank your website in their search engine listings. A lot of what you do for your website's SEO impact boils down to your source code so it is important to know what is in there and how it works. Viewing your website's source code with our free tool can give you insights into what Google and the other search engines are looking at when it comes to what you're delivering to your visitors.


Why Our Source Code Viewer Is The Best


The source code of your web page is viewed best by the tool provided by because it delivers fast and accurate results. You can easily look at the back end of your code as the search engines see it to determine if any inaccuracies or missed SEO opportunities exist for improving the quality of your web page. Viewing the actual code in an easy to read format offered by our website will let you know if your marketing efforts are paying off.


Every website has source code, but to view it you will need to understand what you are looking at. Utilizing both our source code viewing tool and this guide will give you added insights so that you are able to make any needed corrections to your website. Remedying any missed opportunities for increased search engine optimization can drastically improve your rankings within the results of the major search engines.


Understanding Your Results


When you submit your website for scanning by our source code viewer, you will instantly see results showing your source code. No registration or signup is required to view the source code of any website put into the search box and the results are instantaneous. Your source code is displayed on the results page showing you each and every element contained on your page.


Your results will be displayed on the next page and can be quite confusing if you don't know what you're looking at. Combing through each element can take time and energy, but there are many resources available to you to decipher your website's source code. If you look for the on-page SEO elements we have provided for you above, your website will be in good hands.


Armed with the source code of your web page will allow you to make any necessary corrections in order to better optimize your website for not only search engines, but for your visitors. Combining our free and accurate tool with these best practices will give you an edge over your competition. Once you get your website's source code results, you can achieve the ultimate goal of having a beautiful website but also a website that functions well to get you the results you deserve with regard to the search engine rankings.


SEO is important and viewing your web page's source code is an invaluable tool that cannot be measured.