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About Domain Authority Checker

Our Domain Authority Checker is the perfect tool to determine your website's ranking score on the internet today. Utilizing this checker, you can predict how well your website is ranking in the major search engine's results pages. This ranking score that is assigned to your website was developed by Moz using an algorithm that contains many factors that search engine optimization professionals use to calculate your domain's value in search engine results.


What Is Domain Authority?


Domain Authority is a ranking score from one to 100 that is assigned to your domain based on a number of factors. Websites that have higher scores on that scale will place higher in the search engine results pages. Domain Authority is a means for website owners, SEO specialists, and bloggers to determine their website's reputation.


Domain Authority is not to be confused with Page Authority because they are quite different. Domain Authority is your domain's ability to rank within the search engines while Page Rank is specified completely for single pages. Utilizing this tool, you can find out where your website is ranked on the scale from one to 100.


About The Domain Authority Checker


The Domain Authority Checker offered by provides you with your domain's score so that you can predict where your website will rank within the search engine's results pages. If you wish to learn your domain's score, using our tool will give you that important information.


How To Use The Domain Authority Checker


Our Domain Authority Checker tool was coded so that it will provide instant results for anyone who needs to find out where their website will rank in the search engines. Using our free tool is simple and anyone can do it without any technical expertise. You can learn the domain authority of a page by inputting the URL, doing the image verification, and hitting the submit button.


When you submit your website's URL or the URL of the website of which you'd like to check, the results are displayed instantaneously. From there you can predict how your domain as a whole will rank with Google and the other major search engines.


Why You Need To Use Our Domain Authority Checker


You should use our Domain Authority Checker because it is the best and fastest checking tool on the internet today. It gives you complete and accurate results within a moment of using the tool. If you are just beginning to learn about search engine optimization or are a veteran SEO professional, this tool is geared for you. It does not require any sort of technical know-how in order to use it for your domain.


To get accurate results, you need a domain authority checker that is of the highest quality. Our checking tool is the best on the internet because it gives you the results you need now. The domain authority checker provided by is the most reliable tool in existence – and best of all, it is completely free of charge.


When it comes to building your domain's trust and reputation, you want to get measurements that show you exact results.


How Does The Domain Authority Checker Work?


Inputting your website's URL or the website of which you would like to check the Domain Authority has never been easier. When you hit the submit button, the checker will determine quickly what your ranking score is from one to 100. This will let you know of your website's popularity, but it is best used as a means of comparison to other similar websites.


The Importance Of Domain Authority


Domain Authority's importance lies in a website's ability to rank well on the internet. When your website has a great deal of inbound links, you are more likely to receive a higher Domain Authority score. Websites like Google, Wikipedia, and Yahoo are all at the highest end of that scale – meaning that they have a lot of quality inbound links.


Newer websites on the internet will typically start off with a Domain Authority of one. When they establish themselves as a voice of expertise, a domain's authority score will increase. This ranking score is a tool that is best used for comparison purposes.


There are over 40 metrics that are in play when making the ranking determination used by our domain authority checker. Domain Authority scores between 40 and 50 are considered average for websites. Obviously, a higher score over 50 indicates that the website is well optimized for SEO and is considered a trustworthy source of information and/or interesting content.


How To Improve Your Domain Authority


There is no real way to directly improve your domain authority score without utilizing the best practices when it comes to your website's overall search engine optimization strategy. The ranking score provided to you when using this tool can change based on any number of factors. Ultimately, ensuring that your website builds trust in its use of effective, well written content will assist you in the improvement of your domain authority score.


To contribute to the improvement of your Domain Authority, or DA, you must first test your website to determine where your domain scores on that scale. It is only after testing your domain that you will be able to build trust to grow your website accordingly. While there isn't a foolproof method of increasing your ranking score, a great strategy begins with utilizing high quality content on your website, first and foremost.


Below are some tips for increasing your website's domain authority beginning with the creation of your website:


  1. Select a Quality Domain Name – Choosing a domain name that adequately reflects what your website is about is the first step to increasing your Domain Authority. With our website, there is no question that we work in the SEO services niche. Selecting a domain name that focuses on a specific keyword is essential to search engine optimization. It also means that your website will be memorable to visitors when they reach your domain.
  2. On-Page Content Optimization – Ensure that your website's title tags are in use as well as image alt tags. This will help you with SEO and will increase your domain's authority, giving you a higher score. Within the content itself, the font you use should be easy to read so be sure to use a sans-serif font.
  3. Creating Useful Content – Content is king and therefore should be at the forefront of any SEO strategy. When you create content that is useful, interesting, and/or important, other website owners and bloggers may link to you. If you publish content on a regular basis, the search engines will recognize your website as a credible source.
  4. Deep Linking – Linking to your older content is essential to build trust on your website. When linking to older content, ensure that it is still useful and that it also contains a link to your domain's home page so that visitors can click around with ease.
  5. Delete Bad Links – Checking your website with our backlink checker tool will let you know of any links that need to be removed. Bad links can ultimately harm your domain authority, so it is best to delete them if needed. Also, be sure to remove any broken links so that you are offering your visitors the best user experience.
  6. Mobile Friendliness – Now that Google uses mobile friendliness as a ranking signal, it is necessary to make sure that your website fits the bill. Check your website's mobile friendliness and if it is found to display incorrectly on mobile devices, get a web developer's help to remedy the situation.
  7. Create A Voice Of Authority In Your Niche – Becoming an expert in your niche is ideal when it comes to increasing your website's domain authority. When you create great content and others link out to your website, the search engines will take notice. Also, be sure to engage with your readers and social media followers for the best results.
  8. Make Your Website Fast – If your website loads slowly, then you are losing a lot of visitors, which can also affect your sales. Optimize your website's loading speed so that your bounce rate remains lower. Identify any underlying causes for your website's slow speed so that you can get with an SEO professional or developer to rectify any issues.
  9. Promote Your Content Using Social Media – Linking to your content on social media is important because it helps people to engage with your brand. It also encourages your followers to like, share, and comment on your content. If you engage with your visitors and followers, you will see an increase in your Domain Authority. To see quality results, you should also include social media sharing buttons on each blog post.

Overall, when utilizing these tips you can see a significant increase in your domain authority. The most important thing is to create value on your website. In addition, putting the user experience first is an important aspect of any strategy to build upon your brand. When others view your website as an expert in your selected niche, you will have content that is useful and linkable by others.


About Your Results


Your results will be in the form of a ranking score that goes from one to 100. While many websites have an average domain authority between 40 and 50, knowing your domain authority by using our Domain Authority Checker will give you precise data for your SEO strategy. Building a website that is a valuable resource on the internet means that you care about your visitors and their experiences on your website.


Utilize the tips we have provided above in order to build your brand. Overall, be sure to create great content, use title and image alt tags, and make sure that your website is mobile friendly. Prior to all of that, purchase a domain name that is relevant to your niche. Once you are actively taking part in your website's content creation and engagement, the search engines will send more traffic to you.


Knowing your domain authority allows you to judge your website based on its overall performance. While the authority score you receive is subject to change, it is not a concrete number. This number can increase or decrease depending on how you handle your search engine optimization, content creation, and social media strategies.


Using your domain authority, you can compare your website to other websites in your same niche. It will also allow you the chance to take apart what more successful, higher ranking websites are doing so that you can mimic their successes. When you work on your website's SEO, you will see the positive benefits reflected in your Domain Authority.


Come back and use our Domain Authority Checker regularly to gauge your results as compared to similar websites in your niche. These numbers can change based on any number of factors and should not be used as a concrete example of your website's reputation. However, it is a good basis for any website owner to begin a proper, well researched search engine optimization strategy.


Use our Domain Authority Checker today and you will get instant results that are accurate and useful. Our tool is free to use and we have placed no limits on the amount of times that you can return to our site and checking your DA.