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About Broken Links Finder

When performing search engine optimization on your website, it is in your best interests to use our free Broken Links Finder so that your website is not serving dead links. Many websites that have been around for years have hundreds, if not thousands of links. Checking them all manually could prove to be a time intensive endeavor.


Utilizing our broken links finder tool will give you information on the links that are no longer working on your website. Our Broken Links Finder will help you eliminate dead links on your website so that you can provide an optimal user experience for your website's visitors. Nobody wants to click on a link that goes nowhere and using our tool will help you fix that problem on your website or blog.


Google and the other major search engines will give preference to a website that doesn't have any broken links. Broken links are links that are no longer valid, have been changed and not updated, or just dead. These broken links will show a "not found" error page to your website's visitors if the link is clicked.


Broken links on your website will lead to a bad user experience for your website's visitors. Having these dead links on your website will harm your search engine optimization strategy. To combat that, we have put together our Broken Links Finder tool so that you can eliminate the problem before it harms your website's rankings.


Having broken links on your website can result from several things: the linked website has been deleted, the linked website's link structure has changed, or the linked website is not available. This free online broken links finder tool will look at every hyperlink on your website to determine its status. Many websites on the internet link to thousands of resources so it would be virtually impossible to check all of them manually.


Our tool is easy to use and free, so checking for broken links takes seconds to achieve. This free link validator will inform you on what links are bad so that you can make the necessary changes to your website. Our broken links finder is the best on the internet because it's fast, coded well, and easy to use. Most of all, it is free, so you don't have to pay for expensive tools to use to locate any bad links on your website.


Why Is Having Broken Links Bad?


Having broken links on your website is bad because it sends your website's visitors to links that no longer exist. This gives your visitors an error message when they click on the dead links. This can cause you to lose valuable website traffic, so it is always best to eliminate the issue as quickly as possible.


Broken links on your website will cause your visitors to get annoyed and potentially never return to your website. People won't be able to find the website or information that you are linking to if you aren't checking for bad links. This can cause some damage to your online reputation as your visitors grow frustrated. In addition, this can give you poor rankings with Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the other search engines on the internet.


What Is The Nature Of Bad Links?


Every day the internet grows larger and larger. It is hard to keep track of everyone that you've linked to on your website. It can even be hard to manage internal links if you change your website's permalink structure or link URLs. When you or others change or delete any part of your link structure, it can cause issues for websites that have linked to your content.


As of now there is no tool that will automatically update any broken links found on your website. Despite that, you can access much needed information on the broken links that already exist on your website. Being armed with this information will allow you to update or remove the link entirely so that your visitors aren't getting a 404 "not found" error.


Bad links can also happen when a website you have linked to has been changed, deleted, or sold to another owner. These links can cause you great harm when it comes to your overall strategy for search engine optimization. These dead links can happen for any number of reasons, but you can exercise control over how you handle them.


Why You Need Our Broken Links Finder


It can be a difficult task to identify what problems exist on your website, especially if you are doing it manually. If you have been managing or running a website for any length of time, then you have probably created thousands of links to other websites. It can be a tedious process going through each link and clicking them to see if the resources you've linked to are still active.


With the Broken Links Finder tool brought to you free by, we automate the process to save you time, energy, and money. This free resource will scan your entire website and give you a status on each of your links. It will tell you where your link problems exist so that you can quickly resolve them. Handling bad links does not have to be a hard process when you use our broken links finder tool.


This tool can be used by anyone on the internet, regardless of whether you have a Mac or a PC. The tool operates completely online from the website. Because our broken links finder tool is coded so well, many webmasters and business owners recommend it for locating dead links.


Our Broken Links Finder will weed through the noise on your website to list out the dead links that your website has. It is an efficient tool that you will need to make sure your online reputation is intact and unharmed by broken links. Our tool is user-friendly, free, and lets you check every last link on your website for problems.


How To Use Our Broken Links Finder


In the course of your website's existence on the internet, you probably link to hundreds, if not thousands of websites. It is completely impossible to keep track of all of those links on your own. To do that you would have to go through your website page by page – starting at the beginning – so that you make sure each link you've used is alive and working properly.


Using our Broken Links Finder, we have automated the process entirely so that you don't have to worry about paging through hundreds of pages on your website. To use our broken links finder, simply type in the URL of the website that you would like to check. After going through the image verification, click the submit button.


Our tool will scan through the entire content contained in your full website. You will then be provided with a list of links that are bad so that you can unlink them or update them. When you update or remove bad links, search engines will take notice.


Who The Broken Links Finder Is Useful For


Our broken links finder tool is useful for company owners, webmasters, and bloggers. Basically, it will provide an excellent resource for anyone who has a website or blog that they own or manage. If you link to other people, blogs, or websites, you want to make sure that you are providing the best possible experience for people visiting your website.


Anyone can use our free tool to determine how many bad links are on their websites. There is also no limit to the amount of times that you can use our tool or how many websites you can use it on. Our useful tool utilizes a unique algorithm that will process your request and display your results in seconds.


Why Our Broken Links Finder Is The Best


When linking to other people's websites, they will not notify you if they have changed anything about their websites. Notifications like these would be extremely important – but no one is going to email you to let you know that they've changed their article or have removed it entirely. For these reasons, you need the best broken links finder on the internet and that is here on the website for


We eliminate any hassle that you would undergo as a result from checking on your website's links manually. Our tool is the best on the internet because it scans through your website as a whole – locating dead links so that you can take the appropriate action. Having broken links makes your website's visitors frustrated with you and in time, they will learn not to click on any of your links. To fight that, we have built this unique broken links locator tool so that you don't have to do it by hand.


You should never underestimate the importance of putting your website through regular maintenance. Coming back often to check on your website's links is a perfect idea for website owners, search engine optimization specialists, and webmasters alike. You can test your website for an unlimited amount of times in order to eradicate the problem of broken links.


This tool will validate both internal and external links so that you can learn where any issues lie. It will show you the location of the bad links within your HTML so that you can easily remedy the problem at its source. You cannot afford to risk the potential damage to your website's reputation by not utilizing this free tool to meet your SEO needs.


The internet is still growing exponentially every day with more and more websites being created at a fast pace. It is dangerous to your brand if you don't check your website regularly for broken links. When Google and the other major search engines crawl your website, you don't want their spiders to find dead links on your page. This damages your credibility and annoys your website's visitors.


Understanding Your Results


When using our free broken links finder, our tool will give you a list of all of the available hyperlinks contained on your website. In addition, you will also see a status next to each link showing you if the link is OK or if it is broken. Once you get that information you are able to go into your website's source code and fix, update, or delete any bad links.


Your website's level of trust with search engines and your potential customers depends on your ability to do regular website maintenance. A great part of that maintenance is to handle broken links so that your visitors aren't clicking resources that simply no longer exist. Utilizing our free broken links finder is the best option you have to weed out bad links so that your visitors won't stumble upon them when going through your content.


Updating links is an easy process, but it doesn't have to be a tedious one. When scanning through your website with our unique algorithm, you will be given information that will allow you to take on any dead links. With this important data, you are able to easily remedy any issues that arise within your links. This tool is especially useful if your website has hundreds or thousands of outbound links. No one has the time it would take to do link checking on a manual basis, so use the tool provided by and make your life easier now.