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About Backlink Checker offers the best free backlink checker on the internet today. When using this tool you can view a list of the backlinks that are pointing at your website or any URL that you search. This important information will let you know how many websites are linking to the URL that you've put in.


About The Backlink Checker


When using the backlink checker provided by, you will gain an insight into how many links are pointing to your website or link that you've searched. When you use our backlink checker tool, you will see a list of results when you search the URL you've input into our system. You will learn what backlinks point to your website, what anchor text was used, PageRank of the links, and any potential risks associated with the backlinks.


This backlink checker is efficient and fast in its ability to show you a list of reliable results when checking on your website's backlinks.


Why You Need Our Backlink Checker


Our backlink checker is the most efficient way to ensure that you are receiving trustworthy results. When searching your website or other URL using's backlink checker, you will be able to get a full view of your website's backlink profile. Utilizing this information will help you to learn what links are helping your website and if any links are potentially harming it.


Looking at your backlink profile is an essential plan for search engine optimization specialists, webmasters, business owners, and bloggers. When you have an idea of what is contained inside of your backlink report, you can then formulate a strategy that will best benefit your SEO plans. You need our backlink checker because it is the best one on the internet to give you accurate results that you can use now.


How To Use Our Free Backlink Checker Tool


Our backlink checker tool is easy to use and fast. In order to use it, you simply put in your website's URL or the URL of the website of which you would like to check for backlinks. After going through the simple image verification, click on the submit button to view your list of results.


When your results are fully populated, you will see a list of links that point to your website along with their corresponding PageRank information. When utilizing this information, you will be able to determine which links are good for your website or business and if any exist that you may need to disavow. If you want to check your backlinks with efficiency and ease, be sure to use the tool that we have provided.


Why Use's Backlink Checker?


We have worked hard on coding our backlink checker so that it provides you with the most accurate results on the internet today. This tool is completely designed to give you every piece of data that exists with regard to the links that point to your website or entered URL. Not only does this afford you the opportunity to check your own website for any needed improvements, but you can also check on your competitors' websites to see what their backlink profiles look like.


If you wish to perform a thorough check of your website's backlinks, then you are going to want to use our Backlink Checker. This tool is the best out there because anyone can use it without any technical knowledge whatsoever. Even if you are new to search engine optimization, you can use our free tool.


How Does The Backlink Checker Work?


The backlink checker tool works by analyzing the internet for any links that point to your website or the website you've entered. It thoroughly looks at the possibilities of any bad links pointing to your URL so that the appropriate action can be taken. Our efficient tool collects a list of your website's backlinks so that you can determine the value of those links.


The Importance Of Backlinks In Search Engine Optimization


With regard to the backlinks of your website or the URL you've entered, each and every one is important. The links that point to your website determine the value of your entire backlink profile. In the past, website owners may have thought that the amount of backlinks their website had determined its Google PageRank. Now, more value is placed on the quality of the links that are pointing to your website without regard to the quantity of such links.


Google and the other search engines have a tendency to reward websites that have higher quality backlinks. In utilizing our backlink checker tool, you can look at all of your website's backlinks to make your own determination as to the quality of each link. You are able to check your website's backlinks at any time and as often as you like with our handy backlink checker tool.


When search engine optimization was in its infancy, many business and website owners would purchase a long list of links pointing to their websites. At the time, they thought that in doing so, it would raise their backlink profile and create an impact on their search engine results. Since, Google has performed several updates to its algorithm which left many SEO professionals ceasing the practice of purchasing paid links.


Web crawlers can now determine if a link is natural or if it had been purchased from a link farm. With its updated algorithm, Google has punished websites that have purchased low quality backlinks by penalizing the website. In essence, it is better to have 10 good quality backlinks to your website than to have 100 low quality links.


For the best SEO practices, avoid purchasing backlinks from link farms and be sure to use the backlink checker tool from to review your entire backlink profile.


How Often Should You Check Your Backlinks?


If you have never checked your website's backlinks, then you should do so immediately. However, you may wonder how often you should check on the quality of your website's backlinks. In the beginning of owning your website, you are going to check your backlinks on a regular basis. As you build upon your backlinks, you can come back to our website to utilize this tool as often as you need to.


If you are going through your website to eliminate low quality backlinks, then you should come back often and run the backlink checker on your URL. This will keep you informed as to whether or not your backlink strategy is working.


How To Improve Your Backlink Profile


Once armed with the information with regard to what links are pointing at your website, you can determine what type of action needs to be taken. Prior to utilizing any sort of search engine optimization strategy, be sure that your content is up to the highest of standards. It is only then that you can focus completely on the improvement of your backlink profile.


301 Redirects

 – If you've used our tool to determine that your website is showing a "404 Not Found" error, using a 301 redirect will allow you to recover that lost link juice. Your visitors will appreciate being directed to your home page if the selected content is not available. Setting up a redirect is easy and it will help you so that your website's visitors don't have to see a blank 404 page.


Competitor Links

 – If you are in need of more opportunities to improve your backlink profile, look no further than your competitors. Putting their URLs into our backlink checking tool will give you a complete audit of their websites so that you can determine if you are missing any backlink opportunities.



 – Locate influencers that are trustworthy in order to establish a high quality backlink to your website. In doing so, they will not only provide you with an audience for your website, but also a high quality link that Google will recognize and value.


Are Backlinks Important To Your SEO Strategy?


Having quality backlinks pointing to your website is an important aspect of any good SEO strategy. Links that are high quality show the search engines like Google and Bing that your website is also of higher quality. If you have high quality backlinks, the search engines are more likely to index your website accordingly.


Having backlinks that are of a low quality leads Google to penalize your website. When Google did its algorithm update, it now checks for the quality of your backlinks. For that reason alone, it is best for you to have a look and see what Google sees. You want to make sure you have this important backlink information so that you can handle the low quality links. Low quality links will have your website getting a Google penalty, so it's best to determine if any exist so that you can take action.


The search engine optimization of today begins and ends with having high quality backlinks that point to your website. This lets Google know that your content is of the best caliber so they show your website higher in their search engine results. You can use this free tool to check on the quality and the quantity of backlinks that your website has.


Understanding Your Results


We have developed this tool completely with you in mind, so we have made it incredibly easy to use and free. Our aim is to assist website owners, business owners, bloggers, and search engine optimization professionals in learning about their backlink profiles and helping them enrich their websites with quality backlinks.


In utilizing this free backlink checker, you can learn how the search engines see any links that point to your web page. If you put your website's URL into the search box and hit submit, you will see a list of links that all point to your website. From there, it is simple to determine what action needs to be taken on from the standpoint of the best SEO practices.


When using this tool, you can determine how to best improve your search engine strategy. You can see if leaving blog comments are most helpful to your website in terms of SEO. You can also see if guest blogging is helping in your efforts to build a better backlink profile. Lastly, it also helps you learn if social bookmarking is making an impact on your website. If you determine any of these strategies to be boosting your profile, you will learn what areas of which you should concentrate your efforts.


Having a good deal of inbound links to your website will improve your website's PageRank. In essence, it means that Google and other search engines will value your website more if it has credible sources linking to it. Now that Google can look at your links and automatically determine whether or not they are natural or paid – means that you need to take the time needed to build a useful overall search engine optimization strategy.


We have created this backlink checker tool for its ease of use and convenience. To check anyone's backlinks, copy their URL and paste it into the box above. When you do so, you are given important information that search engines use to determine your website's value. In order to use the tool, you do not need to have any technical knowledge. Just type in the URL and go – it's that simple.