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About Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa Rank Checker has been around for many years. When SEO was the most common way to rank your website, Alexa was used to check the traffic score of your site and get a ranking based on commercial web traffic data. 

While SEO is still a great way to rank up in search engines, there are a lot of factors that contribute to your overall traffic ranking and visibility with visitors. If you want to get yourself more views, you must incorporate content marketing into your growth strategy. Alexa also depends on new content, backlink profiles, and website traffic to determine an accurate score for your website. 

Alexa has developed over the years to include a paid option that has a suite of tools for checking SEO, conducting keyword audits, and reviewing your competitor's performance. These tools have made it easier for companies to jump on different strategies and grow their business without having to hire specialty agencies. 

Now Alexa is owned by Amazon and still provides the same data. You can type in any URL into Alexa to get back a rank check. The tool is a quick way to assess if your website is visible or not. The toolbar provides data about which websites the user visits, as well. There are millions of users who still use this toolbar, so the data can be quite useful for understanding the way that people use your website. 

How Does Alex Determine Rankings?

Like most websites, Alexa has gotten more advanced in recent years. The number of data sets that the website collects has increased incredibly since 2015. 

So how is traffic measured with Alexa?

Alexa’s traffic estimates and ranks are determined by the browsing behaviors of people in our global data overview, which is a sample of all the Internet users available online today. 

The traffic ranking that Alexa provides when you type in a URL is based on the traffic data provided by users in the data panel over a 3-month period. Traffic ranks are updated daily based on this information. 

Site rankings are also based on a blended total of visitors and views of your website. For this to work, you must have unique pageviews. Unique visitors are calculated to show of users who visit a site in a day. 

Can a single user account for multiple pageviews? 

Alexa looks at multiple pageviews by a singe user as a single pageview. So it does not help your site to have a lot of return traffic in a 3-month period. Alexa will base your ranking on return traffic in addition to new user traffic during that period of time. 

There are some limitations to Alexa’s ranking algorithms. For one, Alexa’s ranks are for domains only. You cannot get separate rankings for add-on or sub-domains such as However, you can get special rankings for personal home pages and blogs. If a site is identified as such, it will have its own traffic ranking separate from its host, such as Wordpress.

How do sites with low rankings fair with Alexa?

Alexa provides some limitations for sites that do not have a lot of traffic. Rankings are inaccurate below a certain level. If you do not have 100,000 in traffic data, then Alexa may not be able to report your ranking accurately. You should measure your traffic against a competitor using another tool such as SEMRush in this case.

Why Use Alexa Ranking?

On the surface, Alexa is a traffic statistcs tool that you can use for basic understanding of how your traffic compares to competitor websites. It records traffic data and then presents it in an organized list that you can search using URLs of specific websites.

Audience demographics and some other statistics are shown, along with bounce rate, page views per visitor, and time spent on the site. You can also use tools like Google Analytics to get this data about your own site.

How is Alexa able to collect all of this information?
Alexa has its own toolbar and browser extension that shows Alexa Traffic Rank, related links, and some other data points of interest. In the old days of the Internet, this was the only way that Alexa was able to receive data and collect it for statistical information. 

But now there are 25,000 different browser extensions that are able to collect data on all types of traffic sources. So while most will use Alexa as a ranking tool, it is actually much more prudent to use it as an SEO tool.

How to Use Alexa Rank Checker to Help Your SEO

Alexa offers a complete research toolset that you have to upgrade your plan in order to use. This tool works similarly to SEOFrog and SEMRush. You can use Alexa to create analytic reports and set up comparisons between your competitors.

It is an essential tool for those who want to understand keyword trends and keyword difficulty related to your brand. If you can look at competitor keywords and top-ranking keywords for different websites in your market, then you can copy their SEO strategy and potentially start to pull down some rankings.

Alexa Rank Checker does a really great job of showing you exactly what to do on your website to increase your SEO score. You can find low competition keywords, uncover competitor keywords, discover inbound link opportunities, and fix technical SEO problems with sophisticated auditing tools.

There are a number of tools included with Alexa’s SEO package, such as:

Keyword difficulty tool
On-page SEO checker
Competitor keyword matrix
Competitor backlink checker
SEO audit tool

For checking your competitor's stats, Alexa is one of the best tools because it gives you so much valuable information. If you are looking for an all-in-one way to spruce up your SEO and get new ideas, this is a good place to start. The audit tool will save you hours by simply crawling your site and looking for hours. You can use the keyword tools to create an even better SEO plan for your website, as well as look at your competitor’s SEO to determine what you should do next.

How Far Does Competitor Analysis Go with Alexa?

In the beginning, Alexa was a simple URL checker. You typed in the URL and got a read out of your analytics, compared to some competitors, and it was free. Amazon has changed much of that after taking over Alexa Rank Checker and turning it into a more sophisticated tool.

Part of the new upgrade is a full suit of tools that includes a competitor analysis tool. If you want to see your benchmarks and compare to competitors, you can do so using the competitive analysis report.

This tool is apart of Alexa’s “Marketing Stack” platform which gives you more visibility into what competitors are doing on the web. You can track the performance of other competitors and then compare in real-time to how you are ranking. You can get visibility across multiple digital channels using this analysis tool.

The most significant way that this tool helps you is through the audience overlap tool. After all, the whole point is to reach customers! This tool analyzes competitor traffic to see where customers are coming from, allowing you to find new channels and get in front of your audience faster. 


How to Improve Your Alexa Rank

For starters, you will need more traffic. That is the ultimate goal if you want to get a higher ranking and start competing on the same level with others in your market. 

The way to get this coveted ranking depends on how you want to mold your business. If you want a hard-hitting digital marketing strategy, you can start to generate traffic in a day using paid methods. 

There are also some other steps you can take to improve your ranking. 

1. Install Alexa Toolbar

The toolbar is a Chrome extension that takes seconds to install. It does not send any notices but allows you to see analytics and traffic rankings for each site that you visit. When you visit your site, it also sends the data to Alexa. 

2. Install Alexa Widget on Your Site
Multiple sources agree that installing this piece of code will track all clicks and hits on your website, then report to Alexa Rank Checker. The widge will look like a small toolbar on your site that shows your rank and links. 

3. Publish Unique Content Frequently
Want to know the secret to ranking up in today’s world? Be original! Creating content is probably one of the hardest things to do when you are running a business. Many companies choose to outsource content creation to agencies and firms who can create all types of media. 

Content is the best way to go when you want to rank up. New, relevant content that includes keywords and the right links will allow your visitors to learn more about your brand and engage with you on several channels. 

In addition, SEO thrives on new content. You can share it on multiple networks, send it to friends, and get comments on your own site to drive more traffic. 

Most traffic for content comes from search engines, so you also want to make sure that you are properly marking up these pages with the right schema and tags. 

4. Share Content Every Day
Most businesses are on Facebook now. With 4.5 billion users, this is one of the largest audiences to capture, and Facebook lets you target by demographics, behaviors, purchases, FICO scores, and so on!

If you are not sharing content as much as possible, you are falling behind. Most companies have a content team that is making posts, scheduling new content, and looking for ways to follow content that is relative to their audience. By doing this, they are creating more engagement, getting followers, and sharing content that links directly back to the website. 

Is Alexa Ranking Still Important?

Most consumers are not going to look up your Alexa ranking before visiting a website. Rather, this is a tool to use to help you measure your site’s visibility and your domain authority in certain markets. 

If you use Alexa to measure your rank and traffic score, then you can get accurate look at what your traffic is doing when they visit your site. You can also use many of the other tools on the website to grow your SEO strategy and build more traffic through competitor analysis. 

Want to Boost Your Alexa Rank?

Here are some quick tips on getting the most out of your Alexa Rank:

Post content every day to your blog and social networks. 

Work with influencers and affiliates to create a strong backlink profile.

Use paid and organic traffic sources to send traffic to your website.

Install Alexa toolbar and Alexa widget so that you are able to monitor your traffic and competitor site traffic. 

Try some of Alexa’s paid tools and see if they help with your SEO and content strategies. 


If you are looking for instant web traffic analysis and a comprehensive report, Alexa may not be the right rank checker tool for your business with the free version. You can check any website using this rank checker to determine basic statistics and draw your own conclusions about how to increase the traffic on your website.

There are some tools available through Alexa that can help you manage your SEO and strengthen your rank. These include competitor analysis, SEO audits, and keyword analysis tools that are relatively comprehensive and provide great insights into what you should do next for your marketing growth strategy.